SUNTRACKER – The innovative approach


Active natural lighting system collecting solar light and using a mechanical device in order to increase the collection and light transportation performance with the aim to provide lighting for a specific purpose.

Active natural lighting systems are different from the Passive systems in the sense that the latter are rigid without any movable parts to provide constant monitoring of the position of the sun during the day. Whendesignedtoprovidemaximumperformance, an Activenaturallightingsystem brings more natural light indoors during the day than any typical Passive natural lighting system

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Added value to business

Apart from the obvious financial benefits achieved through the improvement of the lighting performance, there is a wider range of advantages for those businesses that are willing to invest on good lighting.


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SUNTRACKER &ModernArchitecture


The term Building Green refers to the process of construction and use which are environment friendly and more performing with regard to the resources “through out the lifes panofabuilding”. The objective of Building Green is to reduce the total impact of the built environment on human health and on the natural environment.

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